Small Claims Questions


What is the difference between Personal Service and Sub-Service?

Personal Service is when the person named as the Defendant on the case has been personally served the court paperwork.

Sub-Service is when the court paperwork is served to someone who not the Defendant, but over the age of 18 and legally allowed to accept the Court Paperwork on the Defendant's behalf (See below).

Who Can the Court Paperwork be Sub-Served to?

A Competent adult at least 18 years old living with, and at the home of the Defendant. 


An adult at least 18 years old who appears to be in charge at the usual workplace of the Defendant.


An adult at least 18 years old who seems to be in charge where the Defendant usually receives mail.

What do I do after Sub-Serving the court documents?

You must put a copy of the court papers into an envelope and address that envelope to the Defendant at the address where the court Documents were Sub-Served.  You must then mail that envelope to the Defendant immediately.

After 10-days that Sub-Service becomes good Service.

How many days before the court date do I need to serve the Defendant?

For Personal Service the Defendant must be served 15 days before the court date.

For Sub-Service the Defendant must be Subserved at 25 days before the court date.

If your Defendant lives outside the county the case is filed in, the Defendant must be Personally served 25 days or Sub-Served at least 30 days before the court date.

How many days before the court date does the Proof of Service need to be filed?

The Proof of Service must be filed at least 5 days before the court date.

How soon will you serve my Defendant?

In most cases, the first attempt will be within 72 hours of us accepting your case.  

Weather or not your Defendant gets served right away depends alot on the amount of information you provide us up front, home address, work address, vehicle information, physical description, photographs, work and Homelife schedule to help determine when we would most likely catch them at home.

After the first attempt our servers will try back every couple days at different times until we are able to serve your court documents.  We could get lucky the first time or this could take several weeks.  If the Defendant knows it's coming, they may "Duck" service and become hard to serve.